Like the minutemen before the war.

Embrocation invites you to ride with us to battle. Kiss your family good-bye and join us as we cross the threshold into the Rapha Festive 500.

In the past we've been forced to battle blustering wind, heavy snow, ice, and cookies preventing us from hitting the road hard to get our 500k logged between Christmas Even and New Years Eve, not this year.  Torrential rain is in the forecast in PDX, but mild temperatures and good people surround us and we will be on the road.

Join our Strava Club, which is newly opened to the public, to share your rides with us, and at the end of the year we'll be looking back to see who joined us, literally or in spirit, on this journey.  Come January 1 we'll see who braved the elements and family get-togethers and we'll be sending out prizes to some of you.  

How do you qualify for these prizes you ask?  We're staying a bit mum on that.  We will say from the gun, you do not need to complete all 500k to qualify.  It's an admirable feat to do so, but since we have jobs like you we know it can be tough.  There are a few required steps, though:

  1. Join the Embrocation Strava Club
  2. Post our Join or Die (downloadable here) image on your Instagram account tagging @embrocycling or your Facebook account and linking to this page proclaiming your participation (or you can simply "like" the page under our 'share' tab on the left)
  3. Log your rides on Strava

We have socks, print journals, shirts, and maybe even a subscription or two to give out to those who participate.