This isn't the first time we've shared the incredible work of our friends out of Velosmith out of Wilmette, IL and it won't be the last if there's anything we can do about it.

In our experience they are best known for subdued schemes of raw titanium, black, and bare carbon.  These looks are all instant classics and can be made perfectly customized with small hits of color without ever being over the top.  There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple and classy, and it's a look Velosmith has perfected.

This one is very, very different.

This Festka One popped into their Instagram feed, so we immediately had to reach out for more.

Tony got back to us right away and shared a nice shot of information on the One:

Festka was founded in 2010 by friends Ondrej Novotny and Michael Mourecek in the suburbs of Prague with the goal of building a company which would exhibit excellence in design, manufacturing and performance.  The Festka brand has slowly and steadily been building on this premise for the past six years.  The company is now made up of 15 passionate individuals with a diverse range of skill sets.  The company is proud of their growing network of R&D partners from Comptech their carbon supplier to material research with the Czech Technical University.  The One frame set is available in standard geometries or custom.  Every Festka frame is built to order and the fork pairing up to the rider.  Forks are provided by Enve, 3T, Columbus, SRP and THM.  

The One is available in four configurations: One, One RS, One LT and the One Gravel.  All are built using tube-to-tube construction and the utilization of filament wound carbon which brings a level of impact resistance to their frame that will help the One be a go-to for it's ride quality and durability.

Obviously Velosmith is the place to go if you're ready to build something like this.  Get in touch with them here.