By now you've no doubt admired a number of masterpieces Firefly has put together, we've certainly posted a few we really liked.  Hell, Firefly landed a serious spread in Volume 11 with a certain project of theirs, so if you've been following us you've been following them.

They dabbled for a while with various finishes and clearly their titanium anodizing has been noticed and customers are loving in.  But as Firefly always does, they got better. They recently blew up their Tumblr feed with this work. I've personally began to dabble with anodizing some small titanium pieces, I'd like to think it helps to appreciate this even more.  Not only did they wonderfully stack so many colors, they did it with multiple surface finishes as well, combining color and texture.

Seems like every time they post something new I have to re-evaluate what's possible on the spectrum of custom bikes.  Of course, the real kicker here for me is that someone still gets to ride this thing.