We don't cover race bikes too often. Sure, we shot Sven, Katie, and Jeremy's bikes in Vegas this year, but that's mostly it.

Here's the thing: Josh's bike isn't just another bike. You see, we love handmade frames. That's of course going to come as no surprise, we know this. But when you combine a factory-backed racer who is damn fast, along with an impeccably-built frame from one of the best machine shops in the country you really do end up with something special.

This isn't to say I am ignoring my bias. I have owned multiple Cielo framesets, but I can say comfortably that the builders in Portland know exactly what they are doing with these frames. Chris King was in the frame business before he was in the headset/hub/bottom bracket business.

I'm not sure what this world has come to for me to say "this is a pretty straightforward build" when it's a handmade frame, ENVE fork, Thomson cockpit, Reynolds carbon wheels, Shimano Di2, and King bits everywhere, but really, it's all off-of-the-shelf stuff. Top shelf, yes, but nothing you couldn't build with the right checkbook from just about any shop in the country.

The major difference of course between you or I building this and Josh's bike is the rider. Josh took a number of OBRA wins and almost countless podiums this year. So while it may not be about the bike, Josh certainly is winning with some incredible style.