NAHBS 2016 -

We have found ourselves in a particularly great position for this bike. 

See, we've been fortunate enough to spend time inside the workshop of Mosaic, Velosmith's studio (truly a studio in every sense of the word!), as well as SRAM's HQ.  While we were in no way involved with the design of this bike or the SRAM eTap group that graces it, but we're very familiar with the people and processes that led to its creation.

Mosaic, far better known for their titanium wonders, isn't shy to throw down the gauntlet at NAHBS with some fresh steel.  This particular bike, which unbelievably falls under a relatively "standard" build (that's odd to even say as everything they do is truly custom), is known as their RS-1 and can easily be ordered to be your own.

Of course, when you get Velosmith involved, you don't get "just" a steel road bike.

If it doesn’t look like it belongs in grandma’s China cabinet, it’s wrong
— Velosmith

Direction for paint was provided by grandma's China cabinet, and I'd say they nailed it.  Green on green turned out great and provided an awesome balance to the bare titanium tubes that filled the Mosaic booth.  We love when a builder, so well known for one aspect of building, absolutely kills it with another material or style.

Using True Temper S3 tubing and an ENVE 1.0 fork, the RS-1 comes "standard" with nothing at all "standard".  S3 is one hell of a tubeset and truthfully just about as high-end as tubes come these days.  Add in the ENVE 1.0, a remarkably light and stiff fork, it's one hell of a platform.

While we are still waiting for our SRAM eTap group to test (*cough*hurry up SRAM*cough*), our limited time monkeying with it in the stand has been positive.  Setup is as easy as promised and lever shape is great.  The tactile feedback upon shifting is much more EPS than Di2, which is a great bonus.  The jury is still out on battery life and durability, both concerns from us.  Di2 promises a far longer time between recharge, and with the warranty issues we've experienced with SRAM in the past we're hopeful eTap is turning a new leaf for them.  Feedback from others so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so we're extremely hopeful and excited.

Hanging below the top tube is a custom Silca Impero Ultimate pump.  During a preview of this bike one person was quoted in saying, "if your SIlca pump isn't custom painted, do you really own a bike?".  Well, do you?  Thanks @zacharyanwong for upping our perspective on the world, and truth be told, he's truly onto something.

Finally, on this build, it rolls on ENVE's new 2.2 wheels laced to their carbon hubs.  Outlandishly light and if as stiff as their other wheels, they'll be perfect.  Add in ENVE's new brake surface and tubeless compatibility and you've got a lust-worthy wheelset on an absolute dream of a bike.