NAHBS 2016 -

Philosophy landed on our radar by what seemed like coincidence, though clearly it wasn't chance.  Philosophy, previously known as Lovebaum, went through a name and identity change coming into NAHBS 2016 and they needed a little something to hit hard.  See, last year they won Rookie of the Year at their NAHBS debut, so a name change is a strange call and one that could have easily led to them being lost in the crowd.

Enter Bicyclecrumbs.

You see, Bicyclecrumbs has a not only a relatively large following on Instagram, but that following is quite active.  Oh, and he makes some really rad shit.

It's brand launch 101 these days, find a solid partner to collaborate with, do a sick project together, launch it on social media.  Philosphy and Bicyclecrumbs had that plan in place, trumped it with NAHBS, and watched the people flow to the booth.

Well played, guys.  Fortunately once in the booth they were able to back it up with substance. 

Check it.

This is a great combo of tons of subtle touches coated by stunning paint and a top-notch build.  We unfortunately didn't get the skinny on the tubeset used, but the ISP and the tapered headtube were obvious beautiful design touches.  Thru-axles front and rear, a painted-to-match Silca pump, chubby 40c WTB Nano tires and 3 bidon cages ensure the ride is smooth and is ready to take on any road (or not-road) as well as monster miles.

Hydro brakes stop this monster and clamp to rotors that are bolted to some custom Industry Nine wheels.

Then there's that paint.  A beautiful palette of color, highlighted by turquoise anodized parts, it was surprisingly hard to photograph.  Not because anything was wrong, to the contrary, it was all very right.  So many great angles to find the designs done by the two crews getting together that deciding on the spots we wanted to highlight was rough.

Enjoy this one, drool, whatever.  We expect to see a lot more from this crew.