Every time I talk to someone about a new Pegoretti I have to consciously reel in my excitement. My passion for bikes is evident, but my deep appreciation for handmade bikes is at a very different level.

The Pegoretti Responsorium.

When it comes to frames like a Gaulzetti, my appreciation focuses on them as a tool. Every aspect of those frames was created to fill a specific functional purpose. Almost as if paint is only applied because customers requested it, otherwise it wouldn't even be there.

But Pegoretti. So different. There's no question that the ride quality is there, I don't think anyone can argue that. I personally know a number of people who have spent time on Dario's frames, along with dozens of bike forums with hundreds of posts in each raving over their love of the ride of their Peg.

None of that prepares you for having a Pegoretti in your hands. On this particular frame, the black paint looks a mile deep. The green panels speak to level of craftsmanship, care, passion, and love that go into every frame. The dropouts dare you to not stare. The headtube badge is a work of art in it's on right.

Clearly Dario loves every frame that leaves his shop. Clearly Dario is among the best that have ever made frames.

I could go on for days, but I'll never convey what this frame is. Sit back, enjoy the pictures, and figure out how you're going to get you own. That's the only way you're ever going to really understand.