My life is a little strange.  Sometimes I get a text from a buddy that someone will be in town with a killer fucking bike and I need to shoot it.  Meeting up with a stranger to fondle his bike can be weird.  Bikes are weird.  But this time, I met up with Max in a rainy Forest Park on a Saturday afternoon and it was rad.  Max rolled up with nursing a flat, but that didn't deter him from playing bikes in the woods.

Fortunately, this time meeting up with a stranger in the woods didn't result in me getting mugged.

Max is a cool dude, also pretty damned fast.  More importantly, his bike kills.


Built by Stinner, with the finish designed by Geoff McFetridge, it certainly is a looker.  Geoff's art is instantly recognizable, which in my opinion, is a great thing.  

This one is build with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and TRP brakes, King hubs to Stan's rims, a painted-to-match Thomson stem, Thomson post, and Deda bars.  Of course, those Michelin Mud tires should stick out as well.  Why in the hell they every stopped making them with the green tread is beyond me.

Thank you goes out to Max for hanging out in the cold and rain while I shot this thing.  Absolutely rad.