Why Handbuilt Wheels are Better by Sugar Wheel Works...

It's no secret that we are fans of the handbuilt bicycle world, yet we'll admit to glossing over the wheel aspect of builds too often.

Companies like Mavic and Shimano make fine wheels, and we don't blame anyone for running them, but as Jude explains in her video, there's a very strong argument to be made for handbuilt wheels, all beyond the fuzzy feeling of supporting a small business with real people behind it.

Think about it for a minute: we can all agree that a wheel upgrade is one of those bike changes you notice on the first pedal stroke.  But what if those wheels didn't just add performance but also improved your ride, provided improved handling, were more durable, and more easily repaired if the worst were to happen.  Ever try finding a spoke for a Mavic R-SYS wheel at your LBS?

If none of these reasons is enough for you, how about this one: Jude and her team are rad.  Within days of moving Embro out to Portland she had us in the shop to talk wheels, women in the bike industry, life in the PNW, and even got us a some espresso.


Check out Jude and crew at their website or on their Insta or Facebook.

Don't need any wheels?  Sugar has a restock of their Double Darn caps coming, which after over 2 years is still our favorite in house.  Whatever you do, support this group.  Sugar Wheel Works is but one example of why the bike industry is so amazing.