"Meet me down by the railroad tracks, underneath the bridge."  I mentioned in the Stinner x Mudfoot article conversations can be strange in my life.  

At the time, I didn't know Sophie well, but I knew she was part of this new brand Vynl, they were popping up in our Instagram feed, and she worked all of a mile away, so I had to get some information.  The conversation about Vynl was pretty direct, no nonsense, much like the bikes.  Aluminum is legit when done right.  It got a bad name back when tubes were too stiff but these days, a carefully constructed aluminum bike can be really rad.


Enter Vynl.  A few friends were waxing poetic a bit like I just did and realized in today's environment a MUSA frame can happen easier than in the past.  They looked out in the market for inspiration, the likes of Rock Lobster, Gaulzetti, and Spooky from the past.  While all excellent bikes on their own, they represent either long wait times, steep pricing, or a general lack of availability.

Now Vynl steps in, with frames in stock, finished to order, and shipped in a couple weeks. Did I mention they are $1700?  Pretty bangin' for a MUSA aluminum frame and ENVE fork.

Unfortunately we have yet to throw my leg over one.  Of course we have no reason to doubt their ride, and everyone who has ridden one so far seems to dig it.

This particular bike, and early example belonging to Sophie, is built with Dura-Ace 9000 mixed with a Rotor 3D crank and a full Ritchey everything kit, bars, stem, seatpost, wheels etc etc.  Top tier shit, we didn't weigh it, I'm sure it's light.

Let's get down to brass tacks: the color.  This one, Sophie explained, is a mutli-coat powder, and if I managed to catch it, has a really deep pink that shifts to a purpley-blue hue at certain angles.

Here's to hoping aluminum sees another resurgence, we love the big tubes, and when done right, rides so buttery-smooth.